We believe in peace with God, people and a good cup of coffee. The purpose of this podcast is to engage in the fundamentals of Christianity from a Biblical worldview. Each week we will engage in a subject or text that will help you engage more fully in the practice of the Christian faith.

I am Jordan Kellicut. I am fascinated by the Bible, in love with the church and pursuing the Triune God. I was called to ministry at an early age, and with only a few hiccups have pursued it most of my life. I graduated from Great Lakes Christian College with a Bachelors in Christian Ministries and Biblical Theology, and from Emmanuel Christian Seminary with a Masters of Divinity. Currently I am pursuing a Doctorate of Ministry from Western Theological Seminary. I have served in several ministry contexts: youth, associate and senior positions in both Michigan and Tennessee. Currently I am engaged as the senior minister at Oakland Drive Christian Church.


I have been married for 13 years. We have two young daughters, who love super-heroes, but refuse to watch Star Trek. So my credentials as a father are only so-so. I am working heartily to improve in this area. I love to converse about God, books, movies, sci-fi, comics, video games… you know the type.